Tack för du finns Blondiie!!!

You are the
Love of my Life,
my Goddess of Love
And for the past months,
I thank my
Lucky stars above
For you are the
Wind in my Sails,
the Air that I Breathe
Please Stay and
take my hand,
don't turn away
and leave
You are more
Precious to me,
than all the
Diamonds on earth
And I can't bare
to lose you,
for what it is worth
I've thought long
 and thought hard,
what I'd do without you
But Blondiie, you are
the World to me,
if only you knew

Theway you make me feel,
words alone cannot describe
The Sensual nature
of your being,
I'm the Luckiest guy alive
What else I love about you,
is your Heart-felt
And the Unselfish
ways you only know,
with your Caring
and your Giving

You're the girl
that I think of,
when I'm happy
and I'm blue
You're the
Only girl for me,
let me be the
Only boy for you ,
I won't give you up
without a Fight,
I Love you more
than I can say

Blondiie, from the moment
that I met you,
through today
and ever more
You've been
the only One for me,
I know we've
had our moments,
and I'm not a "perfect" boy
But can we weather
out this fateful storm, 
Through all the pain
and suffering,
My Heart still aches
for Only you,
it speaks without a word

I only want you to be Happy,
and it's You that holds the key
Will you find when you unlock it,
that there's room enough for me?
I only hope your answer's 'Yes',
and not the meanings to an end .

I Love You Forever

Yours truly Andreas

Postat av: Blondiie was here=)

the answear is Yes my dear!

I love you so much!

Truly yours

2009-08-19 @ 16:51:35
URL: http://blondiies.blogg.se/

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